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    Terms Of Business

    Regulatory Status:

    1. fixmyfinances.ie is a trading name of emmet doyle t/a The Mortgage Centre who is an appointed mortgage intermediary, regulated by the Financial Regulator. A copy of this current appointment is always displayed at our offices in 15 Father Matthew Quay Cork or by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it It outlines the lenders and services we can provide

    2. The Mortgage Centre is additionally a Multi Agency Intermediary and is authorised to offer insurance and investment products from Canada Life, Caledonian, MBC Insurance, New Ireland Assurance, Irish Life a copy of this authorisation is available on request.

    3. We are additionally authorised as deposit brokers with PTSB

    Complaints & Conflicts:

    The Mortgage Centre at all times will act as your intermediary and will endeavour to represent you in accordance with your advised needs. In the unlikely event of any conflict of interest we will notify you immediately.

    It is our policy to avoid complaints with a high level of service however where a complaint becomes necessary it should be made in writing to ‘Complaints’15 Father Matthew Quay Cork, in the first instance. On receipt of any complaints in writing, within 7 working days we will formally respond acknowledging the complaint and commence investigation and resolution steps. It is our intention to fully investigate any complaint internally and reach a satisfactory outcome within 4 weeks. If this does not satisfy your complaint and/or it is deemed necessary we may refer to third party intervention. We would in such case notify the Irish Financial Services Regulatory Authority.

    Commission Fees Payments Receipts:

    The Mortgage Centre holds a no cash policy where possible, any fees commissions or payments due should be paid by cheque draft or transfer only. We issue receipts as per section 30 of Investment intermediaries Act 1995 for all negotiable and non-negotiable instrument or payments received.

    The Mortgage Centre normally receives between 0.5% and 1% of the gross transaction and normally paid by the product producer or lending institution.

    This fee is almost always sufficient to cover the work carried out for you, however in rare cases where no or lower commissions are paid, additional work or complex transactions, client default or early surrender, switching provider without notification it may become necessary to apply direct fees and again would not normally exceed 1% of the gross transaction. We will always advise you in advance and by agreement.

    Certain products on this website are premium products and not commission based these products or services are not covered by this terms of business.

    Confidentiality & Data Protection:

    In accordance with money laundering legislation and the requirements of each lending institute it will be necessary to seek information of a personal and confidential nature, at all times this will be utilised strictly for the purpose of the financial services sought

    The Mortgage Centre in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1995 will not disclose your details to any third party unless authorised by you or required by law to do so. We may occasionally write to you to update our database and/or for other administration or promotional reasons should you not wish to be contacted please advise us and we will make record of this.

    It is our policy that you are appointed a personal broker at the outset and normally he or she will be responsible for your service on occasion it may become necessary for other staff members to access or complete works on your behalf this will not affect your agreed confidentiality or impact on your quality of service.

    I trust you agree that it is our sole intention to ensure that the services provided by us are of the highest professional quality. We would ask that you sign below to record that we have provided you with these terms of business and that you have read, and understood them. Further more you are agreeing that we solely are authorised to act as your intermediary and advisor exclusively and under these terms.

    Should you wish to discuss these terms of business further or require any clarification please raise with your agent at you free financial review or alternatively email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

    Alternatively write to us at Compliance, Fix My Finances, 15 Father Matthew Quay, Cork.

    Unless we hear from you prior to transacting your business needs we understand you have read and understood and agree with the content and are bound by it.

    Certain products on this website are premium products and not commission based these products or services are not covered by this terms of business.