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    Free software?

    Don’t pay for software where there is a free version or similar product that will do the same job available. Check out www.download.com where you can pick up lots of free software and games an excellent site where each product is rated and only selecting the free licence ones. Check out if any software is safe before downloading by using McAfee Site Advisor www.siteadvisor.com its free to.

    Stop wasting energy!

    Stop wasting energy, my favourite one this, check out sustainable Ireland http://www.seai.ie/ there are generous grants available to energy rate you home and get grants to upgrade insulation etc. Also full of excellent tips like turning your heating down 1 degree saving you 10% of your heating bills. Listen to Lucy make the big switch get your electricity from another provider, Bod Gais https://www.thebigswitch.ie/#/home/ or Airtrity http://www.airtricity.com/roi-domestic/ both whom offer big savings over ESB. This is not only good for the environment but good for you.

    On weekend...

    Every weekend prepare 5 meals and freeze or refrigerate them. You will avoid expensive takeaways during the week, or last minute snack buying form a convenience store. You know what I mean you go into your local Spar Centra Gala etc with the intention of buying something handy to eat and hey presto another €15 dissapears

    Don't buy shop bought coffee!

    But I need my caffeine fix every morning don't we all? Try having it at home before you leave or buy a thermos cup for around €2 and bring it with you from home. Nicer coffee made fresh just the way you like it and at an average cost of €2.50 per day or Monday – Friday €12.50 for 48 weeks (4 weeks hols!!) €600 a year. This gets youa a cheap holiday or pays your car insurance. Better still stick it in your pension fund where it its matched by the state and nearly doubles

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