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  • Implement the changes!
    If there are immediate savings to be made avail of them. Don’t continue to over pay for your services and products where the same item is available cheaper. Work at it try, to make small changes in your spending habits regularly. Set a goal of implementing two money saving tips a month. See our top tips section where each month we will add at least two new ones! Alternatively find or learn your own by checking the Internet or reading the money section in your newspaper, there everywhere lately some good some bad. Follow us on twitter to get our top tips. Focus on making just two money tips a habit every month or so and watch the pennies mount.    

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Welcome to fixmyfinances.ie

It’s our aim to provide you with the very best advice and information to allow you choose only those financial products you actually require and at the lowest possible cost to you.... it’s that simple! Oh and did I mention we don’t charge a fee its completely free!

We believe people are capable of making an informed decision provided the information given is fair, free of jargon and with no hidden or small print...

And if we’re right and we think we are by giving you the best advice we can in an environment that is open and transparent we might just get a shot at your business! So go ahead take that first step…


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I could just say because we are the best or because we are in business over 12 years, or that our advisors have roots in financial services over 30 years, or maybe that we provide an all in one unparalleled comprehensive service but I don’t like bragging! But hey don’t take my word for it see for yourself arrange a free financial review today!